Published my First Book on Leanpub About Android Storage

I just published my first book on Leanpub last week. The book covers the best type of storage to use for various types of data :

  • Saving files in the internal and external storage.
  • Saving user preferences with the Preferences API.
  • Saving data in a SQLite database.

The book also explains what is the best way to save the state of an activity so users don’t loose their input.

This material is available on the blog in my series on Android storage, but I formatted it as a book to make it easier to read. I also added a few new schematics that were created for my DroidCon Montreal talk and that are not on the blog to explain the Android life cycle when an activity is destroyed/paused and recreated.

So, if you need to handle storage in your Android application, check out my book at