Hello, I’m Cindy and I create applications.


I started out as a kid fixing computers and coding games in Visual Basic 6, which was cutting edge technology at the time.

When the internet became more widespread, I discovered the web, first with HTML/CSS, and then by creating complex applications using PHP and ASP classic. I since then completed an electrical engineering degree, but I never could leave the web behind. I ended up working on web applications during my internships, and then again after graduation as a full-time job.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m still working on web applications, now in a position than involves everything from reviewing code, talking about architecture, solving business problems, analyzing new features and occasionally programming them.

I’ve discovered that while starting with a blank slate and creating a new application can be fun, I love working on code that solves business problems and that has a well-defined scope even more.

It’s always interesting to dig in existing code and find out why things were coded a certain way, and what needs it fills for the business.Good software is not cheap, so it should be made to last and not be at the mercy of the latest fad in the world of software. Sometime a rewrite is unavoidable, but you’d be surprised at how long some of your code will last.

I’ve also been told I’m decent at learning new skills, and I believe it’s important to keep growing as a developer. Most things worth doing will require you to learn and figure out how things work. You’ll find a lot of articles about learning on my site, but those ideas are still evolving.

I’m always glad to chat about software or anything interesting you may be doing. You can reach me on Twitter at @CindyPtn or via my Contact Me page.

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